Enabling the 'Test' build configuration in a launcher/binary build?

I really dig the ‘Test’ build configuration available in source builds of UE4; as described here: “This configuration is the Shipping configuration, but with some console commands, stats, and profiling tools enabled.”

This is useful for code profiling with external tools, still using UE4 stat stuff, and so on whilst still getting ‘Shipping’ level performance, but I’d really like to stick with a launcher/binary build of the engine for now. Is there a way to ‘activate’ or otherwise gain this build configuration? It’s not in the list unless I’m using a source-built copy of the engine (as far as I can tell).


You must have a source build for it due to the fact that the entire engine needs to be build for it. In launcher builds are limited to the following configurations for your modules:

  • DebugGame
  • Development
  • Shipping

Keep in mind that you will only build your modules, engine modules will be left intact.

Is it possible to run this ‘Shipping’ build out of Visual Studio? Even with cooked content, it complains about the missing global cache file. Is there no way to run an optimized build out of VS without using a source build?

Running a shipping build requires it to get fully packaged.

Thanks, Moss. You were right. If you get the chance and have any ideas, I’m still having a trouble with these build configurations: Running a Shipping build out of Visual Studio always fails, even with Cooked Content - Pipeline & Plugins - Epic Developer Community Forums