Enabling Ray Tracing Crashes UE4.24.3

Hey all, I’m working on a large archviz project (4 story library) and I’m trying to activate Ray Tracing in the project settings. The problem is, as soon as I enable it I get an error message and UE crashes and or completely freezes my PC. The error that I get is as follows;

After receiving this error message, I created a new UE project and added a simple sphere with a reflective material to it. I then enabled RTX and it worked completely fine. I have a feeling that my level may be too intense/resource hungry and my GPU cannot handle it?

I have tried using the DDU in safe mode on Window 10 to uninstall my Nvidia Graphics Drivers and then I reinstalled the latest Nvidia Studio Driver. This did not change the issue.

I’m running a RTX 2080 with an AMD 3900x processor with 64gb RAM. Not sure if any of this matters. I did notice my GPU usage went to 100% when I enabled RTX and then it would crash.