Enabling Mouse Cursor during Pixel Streaming on Cloud PC - UE4.27

Hi everyone,

i’ve noticed that it is deep concern of internet regarding how to enable mouse cursor during pixel streaming not in a local network but once you establish a cloud PC to host your executables.

what is the real tip here on this subject?

the final look to my .exe is having the UE4.27 default cursor visible on first interaction with welcoming level until you press the enter button on the screen, then the cursor dissappears but its control function remains to let me turn around with.


it is highly appreciated if there is a rigid resolution for the most updated UE version?


Hi,I also encountered this problem. Have you solved it now?

I have little experience in this area, but have you both made sure to set the player controller cursor option to visible?

So far,I have only set the cursor visible in the blueprint, but not elsewhere.