Enabling Dx12 produces glittering artifacts in groom?

Example Video

Hey here is a video showing the problem. I also noticed the sky is being wonky. All since I enabled DX12

Turning on forward rendering (forward Shading Checkbox in Project settings) gets rid of the glitching. Of course I dont think thats helpful because i seem to have lost my SubSurfaceScattering but it is perhaps a clue.

It’s not.
2 different rendering pipelines produce 2 different results.

Could be a billion things causing the effect. You need to provide details on the material / and your settings for the scene.

which settings are we looking for? I can screen shot some stuff. Thanks for the reply also!

Here are the render settings

What engine version are you on? (launcher or build from source, and when was the source from?)

check if you have TAA on.
check what your groom material is doing.
(why is the character mesh a groom? is it a groom? we have no idea really. not that it matters much.)

is there a reflection capture in the scene?
is light set up correctly?
are shadows set up correctly?
is there a post process?

are you using ray trace?
are the shadows ray traced?

After that.
Are the mesh settings for lighting correct?
What about whatever groom settings for lighting if they even exist in the release you are on?

Saying “groom does this” - unless someone who’s fixed it happens on the topic - is not very helpful…

Also, the last screen-cap could be helpful, but it’s shrunk below what can be read…

this is great though learning to describe what the problem is should be helpful at some point huh thanks for that

Keep in mind the issue could also be present elsewhere but overly visible in groom.

It’s common when the anti aliasing is off on landscapes. for instance.

im going through your checklist, ill report back

Im on unreal5 from the launcher, with TAA on

I brought in a metahuman to rule out my own created content as the flaw
same glitch on the metahuman. looks like something with the groom shadows idk

Turning on and off shadows from the scenes single directional light makes the artifacts disappear

Hey Thanks you MostHost_LA for the time. I started up a new ray traced dx12 project and migrated in the character and all is well now. Still dont know what the problem is but Im ok starting with clean slate


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