Enabling DX12 advantages

Outside of Ray Tracing, does enabling DX12 support in your project offer any advantages in terms of playback quality or performance?

Less hardware support, far better fps, best option is to make it a toggle.

The fps isn’t far better - it depends on what hardware you have and how that performs with the dx12 drivers.

Gfx wise,
on a 1080ti you get no change at all between the 2 - if you built things right that is.

Though you get a major downside. That is in dx12 fraps and other similar fps monitoring/profiling external programs do not work. Natively at least.
This means you need to make an option, a widget, and output FPS info if you want to monitor it or allow players to do so.

What little dx12 benefits you get, are on the CPU thread with moving object counts and such.

You’ll still be frame limited by the GPU, but in situations where you suddenly spawn a billion items that would normally get your CPU to grind on DX11, DX12 normally doesn’t blink.
normally, because you can always make it grind too. That goes back to doing things properly or Not…

All in all, unless you are coding stuff at the DX level (which if you are using an engine, you arent?) It doesn’t matter too much which version you pick.
The engine allows changing.
You may crush some materials that may not work when you switch, but that’s a rare occurrence. The engine will keep the rest pretty much the same.

that said.
Dx12 is going to be evolving until the jump to dx13 happens eventually.
The versions are really slow. Dx11 premered in 08. It’s been 12 years. Its still in use.
DX12 was 2014. It’s been 6 years. Its the most modern.

Going by that, DX13 should drop this coming year? :stuck_out_tongue: