Enabling Distance Field Shadow Maps for Stationary Lights

Hi all!

I’m a little bit confused! Read a lot about in the documentation but I can’t figure i out…

Do I have to enable ‘Generate Mesh Distance Fields’ in the ‘Project Settings’ to enable ‘distance field shadowmaps’ for stationary (point) lights? :confused:
The “Generate Mesh Distance Fields” Tooltip says that it is only needed for ‘Distance Field AO’ for moveable skylight shadows and ray traced distance field shadows on directional lights.

My project is a interior night scene so I dont have any skylights or directionallights in use. Only stationary pointlights and some stationary spotlights.

Cheers Daniel

Yes you need that setting for all distance field related features.

Thank you Ryan!

Hey Smalllebowski
You mentioned that you were building a night interior screen, may i know what you need distance field for ? Is it AO you are after?
Just curious