Enabling bloom on mobile devices

I’ve been trying to enable bloom on mobile devices, my present target is a Samsung galaxy S3 (GT-I9300) a rather old phone with MALI GPU.

I’ve seen there was no mention of any MALI family GPUs in either ini or the AndroidDeviceProfileSelectorModule.

The selector module ignores any MALI Gpu and sets the lowest profile which is simply named “Android” in BaseDeviceProfiles.

So I changed the “Android” Profile’s parameter’s to that of “Android_High” and still there is no bloom effect visible.

To confirm the profiles and C vars were correct I used LogCat to listen for logs from the device and it says it did applied the high settings like C var bloom was set to 1 and bunch of other similar things, but however it failed to show any effect.

The bloom is still absent and materials just become white without any glow around them.

I tried running the same project on a adreno GPU phone and bloom worked, then why overlook the MALI family? even The latest Samsung galaxy S6 has a MALI GPU