enable vr laser selector

Hi all,

I use a Vive setup and UE 4.23 I am quite new to Unreal.
I have made a level for playing in VR and that works fine. I have used the standard VR template.

My question is: how can I enable the laser-beam selector for my controller?
I have had it once on, but can’t remember how I did it…

I want to be able to teleport through the level and to point at dots for more text information to appear.

Help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

I found out that the right controller has the abillity to move and to pull to navigate. But no laserpointer for teleporting. The left controller has a laser pointer, but the movement of the controller moves the view in the HMD. I tried to stop that (in Steam VR beta (controller configurations) and in Unreal, but didn’t find out how to eliminate this.

Is this controlled in Unreal or in Steam VR settings? I checked the BP of the starter content I imported with my standard VR template, but can’t figure out how to set this right.