Enable HMD not Resetting after each Play

If I use the “Enable HMD” blueprint node to disable my HMD, it does so but does it to the engine, not merely the game. So if I delete the node after doing this, the HMD will still be disabled.
In order to re-enable VR Mode I have to re-run the level blueprint with the “Enable HMD” blueprint node “enabled” in order for VR to work before deleting the node if I want to remove it.

This blueprint node is working like a console command that affects the usage of the engine itself, not the game when it is run. I think it should be reset after each play in order to prevent confusion, and at the very least, there should be a note in the description of this node to make people aware of how it affects the engine and not simply the game.

Hello u3190,

So upon my initial test sweep I discovered that what you are reporting happens only during that current play session, and if you relaunch the project in VR Preview the functionality returns.

With that said, I did find an alternative workaround which allows you to at least get control back of your HMD. You will need to reset the Base Eye Height to get the player out of the ground, but this should be enough to get you around the issue you are currently reporting.

I will continue to investigate and return once I have a definitive answer on the expected results of disabling and renabling the HMD.