Enable / Disable "Add Post Process Component" effect in Blueprint


The scenario is simple:
1 )In runtime: hit TAB / Create a Widget / “Add Post Process Component” to blur viewport.( as screenshot show ).

2)Still in runtime: hit “RESUME” button / Widget is removed / and here comes the problem. I just can´t remove “Add Post Process Component” effect. Viewport remains blurred. Any help please?

You’ll need to Destroy that component and add a new post process component with the same settings as your global post process when you hit resume.

Thanks for your fast response!

Ok, now I´m having problems to undertand how to reference to “Add Post Process Component"in my LevelBlueprint since WidgetBlueprint, where button Resume” is located. Not even sure if this is the best way to do it.

By the other hand, calling the Event “OnClicked Resume” doesn´t work at all in LevelBP. I´ve seen that “Event dispatcher” can solve this communication situation mmh…

Cant you add post process component in the widget BP when the resume button is pressed?

Nop. No in Widget BP ( Context sensitive disabled )
In browser post process component appears as a group of variables.

Copy/Paste from LevelBP not allowed…

Where are you creating the widget then? If you create it in player controller or character you should be able to get a reference to the event easily from any other BP.

Ok, The Widget is created in CharacterBP.
I get the Event OnClicked Event ( used in Widget ),but doesn´t work.

I Exec a Print String. And nothing happens.

It seems that OnClicked can´t be hear at the same time by WidgetBP and Character BP.

Ok, here’s what you do:

  • Create a Custom Event in your character BP and plug it to the function you want(Add Post Process Component in your case)
  • In your UMG BP Get Player Pawn > Cast to “name of your player BP” > drag from the blue pin of the cast and search for the function of the custom event you created in your player BP.

It should look something like this(i’m just printing a string to the screen here instead of Add Post Process Component.)

You did it ! It´s working now!
Thank you very very much, Jacky,really!