enable blsARApp?

I’ve wanting to experiment with AR development in Unreal, but I keep running into an error every time I run the AR template that reads:
“attempting to start an AR session but there is not AR system. To use AR, enable blsARapp under project settings.”

I’ve trolled through the project settings and can’t find any mention of this anywhere. Can anyone help?

Also, does the project have to be deployed on a phone to work? or will unreal use a webcam for testing purposes?

Sorry for the questions, I can’t locate much documentation or tutorials on this subject as of yet. :frowning:

Robotkiwi, For now, there is now way to test your AR application on PC/Mac. The only way is to deploy it to mobile device which supports AR functionality (google it). Also you better to know that AR libs like ARKit or ARCore use mobile devices` sensors data in order to navigate virtual camera. So, it’s impossible to reproduce AR experience using only webcam.

AR development has many features, as well as other types of development. Recently, I found a guide to developing augmented reality - , hope you will be interested in reading

No way. Must to wait this morning… :frowning: