Empty project but with all textures, meterial and meshes

Hi all, hope that i’m posting in the right section if not i apologize but i’m new to the forum and to UE4. So basically the reason why i’m writing here is that i’m making a simple level just for rendering purpose, everything is going fine but today when i opened up the project everything in the viewport is gone, all the meshes i putted in, the lights the reflection captures, postprocess volume etc. But everything is ok in the content browser all the meshes, textures, materials are there. Only in the viewport everything has gone, i don’t know what i’m doing wrong

hope that someone can answer me and i’m a nood in ue4 so probably is a stupid mistake lol

have a great day

did you load the map? the map is the “scene” you made and contains the references to the assets in the content and their locaton/ration…in the scene. if you quitted UE normally, it asks you by default to save the map with a default name, so it should not be lost. filter for “levels” in youre content browser

Yeah i loaded the map, infact in the epic game launcher the file had as preview an image of the project but as soon as i load it up everything is gone…but anyway i will follow your suggestions and check if i have done everything correctly thanks a lot