Emmisive and HDR Problems

Hi is there anyway to turn off the HDR Lighting because I want to experiment my game’s lighting with it off and on thanks.

Hi Crash,

You can find some information about HDR lighitng in our documentation section.

You can also disable the HDR lighting by going to Project settings > Engine tab > Rendering tab > Uncheck Mobile HDR.

Thank you!


Hi Tim, Thanks for the help I really appreciate it, my scene is going to be a bit darkish so when I added the emmisive materials, my lighting became messed up for example when you look at he emmsive material everything goes dark around you and when you look back into the scene the lighting brightens up again, and since I am still new to UE4 i’m not sure 100% how this HDR lighting works yet, I will look through the documentation and study HDR lighting a bit more as well so that I can understand it’s basics from the core and give my game a whole new level of beauty.

That is exposure. You can turn that off both in the viewport - third button in the top left of viewport - Exposure - Set to Brightness x1

Or alternatively (do both of these actually) in the post process volume, section Exposure, set max and min both to 1.0

Yeah I know about that,but when I run the level in play mode, the exposure is on again, I’m guessing I will have to code that part to let the engine know to turn it off.

Post Process volume. Need to set it there too. See post above.

Ah yes I see thanks sorry I guess I read to fast :slight_smile: