Emitting Particles from Particles? (Sub Particle Emission)


Is there a way to emit particles from other particles in Cascade? I’ve drawn a quick and shoddy example of what I’m trying to achieve:



Okay, so I found a tutorial that does this.

But now I’ve run into another problem: Even though the sub particles are now emitting from the source particles, the sub particles are also emitting from the center of the particle system, which is very much undesired. Does anyone know how to prevent the sub particles from spawning anywhere other than the attached particle system?

Okay, I figured it out. Or at least I found a way around it. Crisis averted!

What was you solution to the sub particles are also emitting from the center? I’m having the same problem ATM.

You con fix it in required>duration>loop ,and set to 1
At least this was the way i fix it.
Late answer but maybe somebody can use this.