Emit Particles from Orbiting Particles?

I have been digging into Cascade and can’t for the life of me get particles to accurately emit from a particle with an Orbit node on it.
It emits, but only based on all non-orbit position on the emitting particle.
The test to illustrate the issue is to have your emitting particles only get velocity from an Orbit force. The emitted particles are just emitted from the base.
If you add initial velocity to the emitting particles, or other velocity, the emitted particles follow that for an emission point, but totally ignore Orbit position.
Lastly, if you turn on Inherit Velocity on the Emitter Initial Location you will not get any velocity from the Orbit.
Hopefully someone has run into this and figured out how to get it to work.
Or, perhaps this is a bug that will be ironed out soon.
I would appreciate any suggestions!
Thanks so much everyone.

2 things, Do you trigger them with an event? Also do you have them set in local space?

Thanks for dropping in with your questions.
Currently I and just trying to get it to work at all in cascade so I am not triggering them.
I get the same results whether Use Local Space is on or off.
To see the behavior I am trying to debug just create a new particle system and add an orbit module to the default emitter…also deactivate the Initial Velocity Module to make the issue more obvious.
Then create another emitter and add an Emitter Initial Location on that new emitter and add the name of the default emitter. (Again, deactivate the Initial Velocity on the second emitter to see the issue.)
It is a bit of a bummer.
Thanks again for looking into the issue.
I really appreciate it!

So you also enabled Orbit affects velocity in the emitter?

That attribute seemed promising, but that just affects particle orientation.
On closer inspection, it seems the issue is that the Orbit module looks like it a post-process type of effect.
If you toggle the particle display flag to one of the other modes (point or cross) you will see that the actual particle points are not actually in the spot that they look like they are in in full display mode.
If you just have an Orbit module and no initial velocity and display in point or cross mode it will look like your particles aren’t moving at all.
This would probably illustrate the reason why the emission it wrong.
I think this should be made very clear in the docs about this module.

I just re-checked the docs and it actually says exactly what I was thinking…I guess it just didn’t register what that actually meant.
“Orbit modules allow for rendering particle sprites offset/rotated away from the actual particle center.”

Oy, Now I have to do a lot more work to get that kind of movement in a way that actually emit something!

Ok so to make this clear, You are trying to emit particles that orbit around another particle? Orbit around their center or orbit around themselves? Can you break it down a bit more because the initial post wasn’t very clear to me.

Ha, sorry about that…you are a saint for bearing with me here.
Long story short, I want to emit particles from the rendered position of particles driven with the orbit module.

So you want to emit a “trail” of sorts in the parent particles that will also follow the orbit movement?

Oh I am not so greedy that I want to have them actually follow the parent particles motion.
That would be crazy!
I just wanted to emit from the particle position that the Orbit Module creates.
IF that is possible, then maybe I will move on to other more ambitious goals!

Well start reading the docs for spawn per unit and also about events. This should help you achive your initial goal.

PS: also might want to check the trail module.

Thanks for the tip. The discouraging thing is that it states in the docs…and looks in game…like the particles are not technically moved by the Orbit Module, they are just rendered in an offset position.
It is almost like a displacement shader at the cascade level. Effective, for certain things…not true particle behavior.

Particles update at a Certain ms. It might be that. Don’t worry too much about it as long as you can get it working. If it still doesn’t work properly you might wish to report that as a bug in cascade on the Answer hub.

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