Emit light inward from object?

I am looking to create a material that will emit light on anything that enters the object. This object need to be transparent.

What is the best way to approach this?

there’s probably 101 ways to solve the problem, but here’s an idea that jumps at me:

  • create a material parameter collection (this way you can affect all materials on all objects, makes things easier)
  • drive a parameter (i.e. vector representing the location of the “object that causes other to glow when within proximity”)
  • the idea is that your magical object will control a material parameter collection, when this parameter updates (i.e. tells all other object materials that they have entered the “void”), these individual materials will do something that you want; i.e. glow, turn red, or whatever you want

setting up material parameter collections and driving them inside materials is much easier than it sounds; do a quick search in the UE4 documentation, there’s some examples that demo the feature pretty well

Thanks, Jak.

Can you elaborate or point me in the right direction for the “vector representing the location”?