Emissive Skin Effects

Hello, I wonder if someone could help me with the emissive effect issue I am having.

I modeled out Liliana from MTG and want to have her skin glow when she does an ability.

I am using the Photorealistic Character material and applied my own maps to the character. I am not sure how to attach the emissive glow to this material; if I even can.

Do I need to duplicate the whole material expression to the next layer?

I also need some help with setting up the blueprint to turn her skin on and off

Suggestions and advice are more than welcome
Here is where my material is at the moment

Here is the result

How can I copy the same material for the skin as I would another layer and add a glow specific map?
Or Do I need to modify the skin bust material and create a specific emissive tab in there and apply the textures inside of there instead of trying to do a new layer?

My goal is to use a blueprint to have the skin glow on and off.

You need to set the “emissive intensity” parameter of the material.
You will need to create a dynamic material instance of it to do that.

There should be wiki/doc topics on how to set parameters and using dynamic materials.


You could always set multiply the intensity of the emissive colour with a collection parameter. And then change the collection parameter in a blueprint :stuck_out_tongue: