Emissive particles changed in 4.15?

After updating to 4.15, some emissive particles I created don’t seem to be rendering the same. For example, this simple beam particle has a hot white center now instead of being pure red.

When I pull down the R value so it’s not emissive, it maintains it’s red color.

Any ideas?

Next time please search before making a post :slight_smile:
This has been addressed many a dozen times in the last month.

This is expected 4.15 behavior due to the tonemapper change.
(you should have read the changelog)


Additional discussion:

Thanks for the answer, tho the community could do without your condescension. I know very little about materials and the 4.15 changelog is enormous. It’s not reasonable to assume everyone would catch this problem.

Hello Rcdarcey :slight_smile:

actually, the tonemapper has been the hottest topic in many many months, its being debated in groups, various forum’s, and other social media.

using search is what anybody should do first anyways.
reading changelogs for updates to the engine should be second nature to a developer.

Additionally, if you are working on a project or just blatantly move to another ue4 version without knowing what changed or why it changed you are potentially setting yourself up for disaster and nobody wants that!

So you could call it condescending, consider how your boss/client would react if you updated without knowing why you updated? or asking questions that have been asked many many times?

See it as future advice instead.

Now I could spend an additional 10 minutes to write all kawaii, change font colors, add a load of smilies but would that add anything? no.
straight to the point, less time wasted on both sides.

At risk of continuing a discussion that almost certainly can never be resolved in a forum post…

You assume I didn’t read through the changelist before upgrading (I did). You assume I didn’t actually search for an answer to this problem before I posted (I did). You assume I know more than I do about the rendering pipeline in UE4 (I know very little).

I’m grateful for the time you spent helping me out. In return, consider this my advice to you in the future:

Deliver feedback in a manner that doesn’t imply shame on someone for their mistakes or make assumptions about the amount of effort they’ve put in. Be encouraging and kind. Nobody likes a know-it-all.