Emissive mesh crashes lightmass ?

Hi everybody,

I came across a problem using an emissive material and don’t know what is causing it.

Below I just quickly described my workflow and added images for a better understanding.

  1. I created an emissive material (see image 1)

  2. I turned off “force precomputed lighting” (world setting)

  3. I selected the mesh and applied the emissive material

  4. After that I selected the mesh turned on “Use emissive for lighting” (details setting of the mesh)
    I turned the emissive boost to 3 (see image 2)

This section should control the intensity of the emissive material rather than changing the material itself
  1. then I changed my lightmass settings (see image 3)

  1. I build the lighting (medium quality) and received the error message (see image 4)

I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me solving this issue.

Thank you in advance