Emissive materials in VR

Hi, I’m fairly new to UE4 and I suddenly found myself making a game for VR (Oculus Quest2). And one thing really disappoints me - how flat my emissive materials look in VR, while in editor they have a nice looking bloom. Is there a way to make them shine? For some reasons that I don’t fully understand I was told I can’t use bloom in post processing (or it simply doesn’t work in VR??). Is there any other way to do that?

I don’t know specifically why you were told this but I would assume it’s because post processing has to run for every pixel on the screen, which makes it extremely expensive in VR which has two very high resolution screens, on top of that VR typically has to run at much higher framerates than a normal application which means you have even less performance headroom to work with.

Your best option is to fake the effect using camera facing geometry. However I’m not sure how that would look in VR, you’d have to test it.