Emissive material not working, no glow?


I’ve been looking at creating some lights for my level. I looked at a few tutorials on how to do it, they are all the same and I have my setup exactly like it. I mean it’s only plugging in a multiply in the emissive slot and putting it to a number higher than 1. Yes, whenever I do it, it doesn’t work. I posted a screencap below, not sure why it’s not working, is there a global rendering option that can break this, or a project setting? Or is this something else I’m missing? Thanks!



Glow is a post process effect, there should be Bloom as a default post process but you can control the settings for that by creating a post process volume in your scene and setting it to Unbound (so that it covers the whole scene without having to scale it that size) and then you can change the post process settings by selecting the post process volume and going to the properties.

Wow thanks for the swift response! I actually jus tcam eback to reply saying I had “Bloom” turned off… oops! lol
So yea, that was it, thanks a lot!


yes, and it is not a light after all

You can turn on contribution to Lightmap on emissive materials. So yeah, they could be lights :stuck_out_tongue:

Where is this setting? Was not able to find it?


In case somebody stumbles across this in the future, like I did, the other required setting is Mobile HDR (also in the Rendering section).

Sorry I can’t help with the lightmap question, Wes.

For future reference Mobile HDR is required if you are making a mobile game which is in the project settings under the rendering tab, if you don’t have this enabled anything of your post process volume won’t work