Emissive Material Light Light/Shadow Artifact Blotching?

Hey, I cant seem to figure out why my emissive light strips are creating blotchy artifacts with my lighting, particularly in corners. I don’t have light artifact blotching when I just use normal spot or area lights. Some example pics below. Not using a skylight, just a PPV with “infinite extent unbound,” checked, “exposure compensation”
is set to 1 as well as min / max volumes. ambient occlusions intensity to 0.1, and radius to 15.0. Slope to : 0.6, Toe: 0.5 and Shoulder: 0.25.

Lightmass settings: static lighting level scale: 0.5 (lowering this to 0.1 makes the blotching worse), number of indirect lighting bounces and skylight bounces set to 10, Indirect lighting quality: 4

ill link emissive lighting settings and blueprints in pics as well along with examples of emissive vs spot light examples. It doesn’t seem to be creating shadows properly or something? not totally sure.
I put a stack of floating books in one pic and you can’t see any shadows under it,

Shadow map resolution for all wall is set in the RED.

bakes done on MEDIUM.

Okay well I created a new project and made a long room out of basic cubes and lit it with an emissive light, and it works perfectly. Not artifacting. The lightmap resolution on all the cubes that make up the room is in the green too, not even the red. I migrated over that arch vis scene to the same level and put it directly beside the cube room i constructed and used the same exact light with it’s same lightmass portal (used to light the cube room) to light the arch vis scene and still got artifacts in the room with all the walls set to the RED in lightmap resolution. For a bit I thought the issue was from a couple walls in the room that it was saying had over lapping UV’s of about 6-7%, so I deleted those and re-baked lighting and still got artifacts on the walls that it didnt say had any overlapping UV’s even with the ones that were overlapping deleted. thought for a bit that it might be the material itself on the walls that was causing the issue so I replaced the material on the wall that had major artifacts with the basic material that comes standard on the basic cube I used to construct that long room. Nope, still artifacting.

with this test, it looks like the emissive light strips arent the problem but something else perhaps. no clue really what it could be?