Emissive Material LED

Hi, i started to learn how to do arch visusalizations in UE5 and have come upon a problem. When creating LED strips with emissive materials the surrounding textures have grainy shadows and lighting, also the reflections are pretty bad. Is there a way to do fix this or make bending “light tubes” with pointlights?
Also is there a way to make emissive materials emitt a colored light rather than just white when you turn the emission up higher. Thanks in advance

You can bake emissive, see this

Or you can set the emissive high enough to make the tube look nice, but then actually fake the bounced light with other light actors.

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Hi thanks for the answer i tried baking the emissive material and the reflections are still very grainy

Maybe its some lumen setting I still have to adjust

the materials used are all just simple monotone colors without any normal maps

Sorry, not sure. I do see a lot of people having problems with Lumen reflections.

You could try to set the emissive values low and put a dynamic point light with a large radius in the middle of the light source. Set the mesh to not casting shadow in the details panel. That would be an old school.
Lumen reflections are not as sharp as they would be with ray tracing. You can play around with the reflection quality in the post process volume or you can enable hardware ray tracing and set the reflections to use ray tracing instead of lumen. Anyways - none of the solutions are perfect at the moment.


thanks for the answer! ill try that