Emissive material change color when using Android Preview

Hi guys, as you can see in the attached images, I have a problem with the emissive materials that change color once in the Android preview

I noticed this only happens when i use the open GL2, using the OpenGL3 and consequently the ES3 Preview the emissive remains the same. The problem is that i need to Use OpenGL2

do you tested your game on actual android device…
does emissive material works fine if yes then please tell me your project setting how you enable it for android ?
Thanks in Advanced.

actually when create a emissive material that works fine on PC but on mobile it’s not glowing I turned on bloom inside project setting and also in postprocessing volume and I multiply emissive color intensity by 140 but nothing happend…
Why it’s not working but glowing material for mobile works fine… ?
please help me to solve this issue …
Thanks in advanced.