Emissive Lighting... How to?...

Well, I´ve tried so many things and waste so much time and I can´t obtain emissive lighting in my projects…

I would to archieve something like that:

I need the light in our UVWs, don´t only a volumetric bloom effect light, I´ve explain ok?

Could someone do a tutorial pass by pass on how to get this?..

I know its so much work for you, but I can´t do it, and I can´t find any tutorial about this.

Thanks so much in advance guys.

Hard to give advice if dont know what you already tried :slight_smile:
Did you enable “use emissive for static lighting” in the mesh details ?

Try using use emissive for static lighting, but if the quality isn’t what you want, you can use tube area point lights.

I use emissive for static lighting in my mesh and nothing happens, I have to use this option in the emitter too?, how I can configure this “tube area point light” ZacD?

Thanks guys.

Try to multiply the emissive color in the material with a high value like 50-100.

Oh thanks Distiller, but it doesn´t works too… Is possible that I don´t have installed any plug-in or something similar?.. Could someone share a very simple scene in with emissive light is working?.. Thanks again guys…

“Use emissive for static lighting” has to be enabled on the mesh with the emissive material. Then the emissive will be used in the lightmass calculation which affects all static meshes in the scene. Afterwards you have to rebuild lighting (or rebuild the whole level). Do you have it set up this way?

For the solution with point lights: Just place regular point lights and increase the “source radius” and “source length”. The light still emits as a point light, but specular reflections will be an approximation of an arealight with the specified dimensions.

For what you want I think point lights in tube shape in front of the emissive material is the way to go. It’s ‘‘fake’’ but it works well.

This is exactly this method I’ve used on this image :

Thanks guys, tube areas works nice, and I can´t get emissive materials after lightmass calculation, but I can´t do the job with this tube lights, it works really fine, thanks for all guys, I will improbe my lighting setups… Really apreciated…