Emissive Light - Strong flickering

Hi Folks,

i got a problem where all my emissive light in the scene is creating very flickery bounce lighting.
So in this Case i have just a plane with a simple emissive material. And it creates super strong flickering noise around itself.
Please see the video attached here:

Any Thoughts on what could help with this problem?

Thank you!!

Had a similar issue, ended up being I needed to tweak my postprocessing (most importantly auto-exposure) and the emissive amount. Emissive seems to flicker when it’s cranked up too high.

also I remember coming across this console command (I did have to re look it up lmao):

press ~ and enter:

r.Cache.LightingCacheDimension’ to 128

Did not help my situation, but who knows if it helps you.

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Just to add to this I also have a similar issue and I found increasing the Lumen ‘final gather quality’ in the post process volume removed this flickering for me.

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