Emissive Culling on Moving Particle system Meshes

Is there some way to mitigate the emissive culling that occurs during real time rendering of emissive materials? I’m using the emissive to create lights on flying cars in a Particle System. It is a night scene, and I can boost the emissive channel but it has no effect on the distance I can see the lights on the flying vehicles. If I turn off real time rendering, the scene is correctly rendered the way I want, and I can see the lights on the cars from extreme distance. As soon as I turn on real time the culling of the emissive material makes the cars nearly invisible. Is there any solution for this? I have hunted and googled to no avail.

You can see the effect I’m explaining in the comparison of these two screenshots. You have to look close to see it on the vehicles, but You can even see how the emissive is culled on the buildings during the real time render vs. the static render. On the static render, the buildings have almost quadruple the lighting, and the cars actually have some. Why does this happen?

Night Scene, not realtime

Night Scene, Realtime

Edit to add another vantage point. Its importan to note that there are these are the exact same camera angles and the exact same number of particles/cars are in the sky, and yet you can’t even see them in the real-time version. Obviously I would like to go for being able to see them at a distance.



Bump. Is there no one who knows a possible fix for this?

One last try. I’m really hoping that someone in the community has an answer or at least explanation.

Did You set the the mesh as LOD0?

Also, check the infiltrator demo’s streetlights. you might find something there.

Can’t you add a multiplier on the emissive that is controlled by camera distance? Just do some math and see if it works.

Took a break over the holiday from this. I’ll give these suggestions a try and report back. Thanks for the suggestions.