Emissive colors turning white?

Hello, ever since I’ve upgraded to 4.15 all my emissive colors have turned white.

This shouldn’t be happening with full saturation.

Is this a 4.15 bug, or some new feature I have to disable somewhere?


Its the new tonemapper, and its meant to be closer to what actually happens to light in real life. Take a look at this to better understand it: Filmic Tonemapper in 4.15 - March 16 - Live from Epic HQ - Events - Unreal Engine Forums


While it seems different to look a bit different, the console command r.TonemapperFilm 0 reverts the tonemapper and allows emissives to work as they used to.

Just know that this option will be deleted later on. At least that’s what they aim for. So it might be better to change the needs beforehand before getting really hurt when such thing happens.

Well the needs are for colored emissive glows. It’s a somewhat cartoony game (think Mario or Zelda), so enemies glow red when hurt, lava glows red, poison glows purple, special items glow blue, etc.

While white glow may be more realistic, it completely breaks the cartoon style of my game.


Hopefully they’ll make a way for colored glows when they remove that command.