Emissive Color

How do I get a material with emissive color to glow in a scene? I set a multiplier of 10 so its really bright in material editor and it appears to have a glowing cloud around it but when it is applied to meshes in the viewer and played it just looks like a applied a lighter version of the color on the mesh.

The glow depends on how bright the scene is.
What you could do is have a parameter that you adjust to get to a acceptable level of glow.


Also, you can try adding/increasing bloom postFX which can help to boost the ‘glow’

Emissive Color only looks like its glowing relative to other darker textures unless you with have bloom or a glow postFX to make it really stand out.

@ryan I have a parameter in the instance material that controls the multiplier for the emissive color.
Will lighting effect how much emissive color is shown? I thought emissive color would emit photons as if it were a source of light (e.g. its brightness is not affected by other lights and casts shadows)

@Anadin I have a lot on the post stack with bloom on. I used a custom depth mask material to get black and white with selective excluded materials so I could get an effect like Sin City so that might be the source of the problem. Do you know if setting the divisor of scenetexture to something low effects emissive glow? I got it at 10 right now so that the excluded materials do not render through my character.

Bloom is the result of a light source being brighter then the surrounding area.
You should be tweaking the emissive multiplier in a appropriately lit area, You can do this by placing the particle system in a level with realtime rendering in the viewport enabled and you can then tweak the bloom mult param and click update to have a look at it, Engine scalability affects bloom too.

And emissive light don’t emmit photons (not yet anyway), They just look like they emit light.


Oh apologies, I forgot to specify but I’m applying this material to a static mesh. I’m just testing it out on the sphere object in the viewport. The idea is to use the sphere as a light bulb, so when you look into a light source you are able to see the glowing bulb (also using it for neon signs).

What you could do is use a sphere with the emissive material and a light inside it, I am doing something similar where the player is a ball with a light inside the sphere with a emissive mask to show the energy level.

I don’t know how the sphere mesh will interact with post processing like lens flare and what not as I have not tested that.