Emissive Color Material fading Static Light

I’ve made a HealthBar over the head of a Actor using a billboard Material, and it started to fade out the light of the scenario.

The Material is attached and it affects all static lights when it becomes visible.

When I change the light to stationary it wortks fine.

Hey rafaeljpc,

Could you give more information on the issue that is occurring and the expected result that you are aiming for? This will help me narrow down exactly what it is that you are wanting assistance with and give an answer more tailored to your needs.

I created a level really simple to develop some basics stuffs of the game. I had only a static directional light and some statics point lights. Then I made a blueprint called Enemy and created a MaterialBillboard at this blueprint using the material with emissive component.
When I dragged the BP to the level it fade all the lights down. After a lots of time later trying to fix it out, I discovered thet if I change the lights to stationary, the lights didn’t fade out.

It’s enough information?

Ty for the reply

Hello rafaeljpc,

When you setup your blueprint did you set it up like so? If so, this would cause the lights to dim because even though the health bar is masked the gradient is applied to the entire screen. Here is another way to make a health bar if you are interested. How do I create an 2D Enemy Health Bar? - Cinematics & Media - Epic Developer Community Forums

Thanks, when I searched to do this feature I didn’t found this post.

Thank you very much for the help