Emissive and Expone ntial Height Fog (Volumetrics)

Can any lighting experts tell me how you get your Emissive lights to influence volumtric lighting in your Exponential Height Fog?
I’ve enabled ‘Use Emissive for Static Lighting’. And Volumetric Fog is enabled on my Exponential Height Fog.

But cannot get emissive light to influence the volumetric lighting.

Once you bake lighting with 1 or more Num Sky Lighting Bounces(also affects emissives), the emissive lighting contribution is baked to the 2D and volumetric lightmaps. Volumetric Fog will sample said volumetric lightmaps, so you should see the baked lighting from the emissive as long as the probes are dense enough to capture the information and the fog actor has a non-zero static lighting contribution.

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