Emission material on wall

Hello all,

I am trying to build a wall with emission material over it. The emission will be like the attached pic with this post. I don’t know how to make those multiple points on the wall which should be emitting light. Can somebody help me that what I actually need to do to achieve the wall like in the attached picture?


Well do you have a texture that has multiple points like this one?

Nope I don’t have but can make or get it. How would texture with multiple points like that can help in making what I;m trying to do?

Ummm , not sure if that will work but will give it a try. So like just create this tour of texture and plug it into the emission node for what material?

Because then you can copy the texture, turn it black and white then set that into the emission node in your material. Or something pretty close to that, which will give you that effect.

This is what that does. I just made a few random dots in photoshop, then made the material.

Just beware that if you have bloom enabled, this will enhance the effect.

Thanks alot , this is cool way to do it. You have saved me alot of headache :slight_smile: