[Emergency]Floating Character in VR.

I’m using UE 4.13 and HTC VIVE.

I try to use character instead of pawn because I want to use the movement component.
And in VR it’s higher than the floor. I had tried to use “Set Tracking Origin” and set it to “Eye level”. It was useful and the height is right.

But today when I reset the room in steamVR, it suddenly not works.Then I try “Base Eye Height”, Set the relative location of the camera, etc. They all can’t solve the problem.

Anybody can help me? Thanks : )

I have solve the problem.

My method is that use a “Scene Component” and make the camera be its child component.

Then set the scene component’s z location to be -80. It solve my question.

And I’m sure that “Set Tracking Origin” has a bug on HTC VIVE. Sometimes it works and sometimes doesn’t.
Hope that official programmer can see and solve this bug. : )

This solution worked for me too.

Worked great for me! Thanks!