Embed widgets in other widgets

Hi Guys,

is it possible to embed widgets into other widgets?
I want to create an old fashioned character menu with character attributes. Like so:


I need a control which can change an attribute. How much it can change the attribute depends on game logic.
So the control must be aware of this and these values will change with game state, meaning that this data will change
during the game for every control used in the menu.


1.) Can I create such control in UMG and set it’s data (e.g minimum value, maximum value) at runtime?
2.) Is it possible to embed a final control (with all of it’s Blueprinted/C++ game logic) in another control, lets say a character menu?
3.) if embedding is possible, how to get a visual representation of the controls in the character menu for formatting?

Thank you!

Finally (with lots of testing and some trickery) I was able to embed a widget into another one and interface it to C++.
There is only one problem remaining. When changing the widget to embed (lets call it SourceWidget) it cannot be saved anymore, because it is referenced in another widget. Too bad. Any ideas?