Email Verification not working

So when trying to download the ARTv1 from the marketplace, a message pops up saying that I should verify my email first. But going into my mail I haven’t recieved anything surrounding an email verification. I’ve tried resending the verification multiple times but still nothing. Anyone knows what to do?

Same problem happens to me, this needs to be addressed.

I am having the same problem

im having the same issue

also having this issue

I am also having this issue.

Same issue

Same issue here I need help

It is still happening

Hey everyone - I tagged an Epic Employee. They should hopefully address this in the morning.

Im having problems too, havent gotten security code for the two-step authentication system, cant log in…

Same issue here. Emailed support a week ago… no response yet.

Same problem here… what do i do?

I have same thing :frowning:

Same problem for a week. ive tried everything and never get an email back…

Same problem. literally just figured out how to get around an issue i had with PSN linking to a blank account, but i need the email verification to work in order for me to do it. This customer support is failing hard. They have no support lines and they don’t respond to emails. I’m deleting Fortnite. It’s not worth the hassle. I should be able to delete my Epic Games account on my own. I shouldn’t need approval for that. It’s MY account.

Same issue

I forced the verification, I spammed my account log in with incorrect passwords until it said my account has been disabled or suspended, then reset the password through the email. and the verification was done, I Disconnected my PSN.

Yep me too

Me too