ELS style lighting

Hello, I have decided to start prototyping a police car with working lights, sirens and mechanics however I was curious if anyone could assist. I have recently played GTA V using the ELS mod which allows for lighting control.
I wanted to ask if anyone knows how to get similar looking lights to that of the GTA style lightbar, would it best best to use spot lights, point lights or whatever. I dont have any need right now for the best results however anything I am able to work on to get a similar enough look would be great.
I am in no way advanced with lighting as I focus more on the code however I wanted to branch out considering the huge amount of time I now have on my hands due to the current global situation,

Thanks to anyone who is able to give any tips/tricks/advice
Stay safe everyone :slight_smile:

You would either set up a Blueprint that toggles lights and switches materials at the same time or set up light functions with a flicker and use the same flickering math for the emissive materials. You would still need a little bit of Blueprint just to toggle everything on and off and probably set your global parameter for the flicker so they start at the same position/time.

Whether you use spots or points is really up to you and the type of affect you want. Points would suffice for the small lights around the light fixtures, but you’d be better off using spots for any sort of large-scale lighting if you wanted them to hit nearby walls.

I have successfully created the materials for the lightbar and other lights which flashes the emissive. Is there any way to output the emissive value every tick which I can feed into the brightness of a spotlight?
Currently I have managed to setup light stages as shown in my video below