Ellie from The Last of Us Render

This is the original model from The Last of Us , its extracted by some dude luxox_18 , he is doing Joel now

Are you sure that’s the model used? Ellie looks better than that in-game.

yes its from the game , im terrible at rendering btw :smiley: and im noob at material editing , thats why but if someone wants the model ill pm them the link

The face and hair looks very low res compared to the model used in the actual game but everything else is pretty decent.

for the face idk why and for hair i dont know how to render it properly

Mmhh…I don’t want to sound negative, but you downloaded the Ellie model from TF3DMM, imported into UE4, applied textures ( only diffuse from what I can see ) into an empty scene…and thats it…I mean, what’s the point?

There are a lot of examples of materials into the content example ( regarding also skin ), so I strongly suggest you to take a look at the, so you can learn how proper shading works…otherwise I don’t see the point of it

Well i found it out in deviantart from a guy named junkymana , i found also the model from tf3dm site
i used from that because i wanted her without flashlight
and also i didnt only use diffuse i used specular and normal maps too

switched to version 4.6.1 and i get new render results :


+1 nicolas3D
what the f are you doing to my favorite game (character) ?! XD


Now she looks…eurgh :frowning:
She’s my favourite character in gaming as well :confused:

But seriously, you made everything about her look worse. The first time was actually pretty accurate overall, now she looks like plastic.

i removed images and link not working anymore im sry i wont upload things that are not mine this was just for test

your looks nicer than mine :smiley:

Nopal 3D, do you think you could send me the blueprint of Ellie? Or where can I download the model, import it and make it as good as you did?



+1 :slight_smile:
this is the best!!!

Shall we make a contest out of it?

i can send u later a link to download my scene

Cool, that would be great. Looking forward to it :smiley:

will appreciate the link also nopal3d, if you don’t mind.

there u go :wink: