Elium - Prison Escape

Sad, well I did try UE5, there were a lot of errors bugs and stuff, any idea if they fixed or when they will bring a fixing patch? I love it already the graphics the UI big good change.

it’s just a natural evolution from UE4. Unreal is my engine of choice and I really don’t like working with deprecated engines. Bugs will always come and go as ever, but being stuck in a software with bugs you cannot fix or features you need that will never come (like with UDK) is very discouraging to me.

the UE4->UE5 jump doesn’t feel as big as the UE3->UE4 jump back then but Nanite is already impressive and Lumen is very promising. And the engine will continue to improve and evolve, the same way UE 4.26 is a very different beast compared to UE 4.0.
There’s errors and bugs but it’s an early access version - not good if you’re about to ship a game but good if you’re just starting a project.

Still working in the industry in BCN? Look forward to seeing whatever you come up with next dude. As Elium sales don’t reflect your understated talents that’s for sure! Anyone watching from the sidelines might even say you helped @Coldscooter build half his game! :stuck_out_tongue: