Elium - Prison Escape

Very impressive. I like the parts where you use the environment to kill the enemy with the sword. I’m a big interactive game environment fan.

Merry Christmas and best wishes to all!

Ha ha! Merry Christmas!

Hey guys,
here’s a longer combat sequence to finish the year :slight_smile:

It becomes clear that combats require to be specially careful with parrying, but mostly that each and every enemy is a challenge to overcome

I prefer shotguns so this is way too intimate for me although the realism of the parrying is captivating, and in fact it’s bloody excellent!

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thanks Snipe34 :slight_smile:

Elium - Prison Escape is now on Facebook as well Redirecting...
it doesn’t have a lof of content yet but I’ll push any news in there as well from now on

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:open_mouth: it’s incredible, very well. Which version of UDK are you using?

Update: Teaser trailer is unveiled!

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@CobaltUDK thanks :slight_smile:

@jpnuclear thanks, using the last UDK version (Feb 2015)

I like the trailer :wink: Starts in a calm way and picks up litle by litle for the litle ammount of given time.The only thing that doesnt look too good to me is when the hero opens his eyes in 0:15.The pose and feel of the scene looks right.His eyes open good but his face doesnt provide the needed emotion when he opens the eyes.(litle lifeless).In my opinion it loud look good if you cut the part when he opens his eyes.Makes him feel blind or more mysterious that way(but that is just to me).

Trailer is ok for now, but the lead up to seeing the character is all dead time. Instead…
Show the dungeon but lean / pan around corners to show at least one waiting guard.
Then rush that guard from behind as before but show the run up before the attack.
Then let another guard enter and cut to a full-on sword fight scene and fade out.
Overall placing a hand on a wall would be more effective than showing character.
Leave viewers wanting more, show Boss character / leave something for next time.

thanks for the comments. unfortunately this one is out in the open and it’s not in my plans (and time estimations) to rework it.
I still have a proper Trailer to make though, and for that one I think I will do more iterations based on peoples’ opinions. So I’ll definately ask here about it :slight_smile:

Been a while since I showed updates here but here’s the latest

The latest update to kicking enemies over ledges which causes them to trip and fall

The new axe weapon and chopping a head with it

Looks very realistic.

Totally agree, realistic!

But add blood to that axe after the strike.

it’s done now.
every weapon gets blood painted as HitMask just like the victim. at the time of that gif there was just a small issue :slight_smile:


one of the many small improvements I’ve added recently: smashable pottery!
which of course you can grab and use as a weapon :smiley:

I Love UDK graphics they are just unique lol, you shall release a demo or something it would be cool .

Awesome man, your game trully showcases the power that UDK still has to show off :smiley:

I loved your game, I am sure it will be a masterpiece!!!


Smashable pottery definitely adds more depth. The animation reaction is cool too :slight_smile: