Eliosi's Hunt PS4 and PC launch!

Hi everybody!

I’m super happy to post here about the release of my game, Eliosi’s Hunt.
Some of you may know it already because I posted about the demo here some months ago (and the prototype, a couple of years ago… hahaha).

It has been 3.5 years of development and a lot of sweat, blood and love and to finally be able to launch the game is a great feeling!

The game will cost $4.99, check it out:


Thanks so much and I hope you really enjoy the game!
Daniel Zaidan

Launch trailer!

Eliosi’s Hunt is available NOW! Go grab a copy! :smiley:



Congratulations man !!! I’ve been following the development in the UEbr group ! hehehe

Uma força ai da galera br o/

It looks good. I seen the game on psn yesterday along with observer. I will pick it up this weekend. It’s good to see someone repping a console game here. I often wonder why i dont see some semi successful small teams here.


I wish you the best of luck and the second i find some time i will pick up a copy to blast some aliens. :slight_smile:
The game looks awesome!

Thanks so much for your comments!
@Mayco Rossi Valeu, cara! Que saia muitos outros jogos do grupo! :smiley:
@thadkinsjr Thanks so much! I hope you have a blast playing the game! Well, there are a couple of indie console developers around here in the forums. Speaking of which… :slight_smile:
@ Thanks so much for your help and advice during development. I also wish you great success on Spartan’s console release later this month! I couldn’t find if it was out on Steam already. Will you release it there afterwards?

It was the least i could do for a fellow dev!
We are releasing on the 3rd of October.
My game was designed with consoles in mind and in all honesty i am waiting for all that flip asset shovel-ware to calm down before i release :slight_smile:
Steam is … weird at the moment in my humble opinion.
Hopefully it is a good experience for you!