Eliminating filters on pixel art (super-noob)

I’m just starting out with UE, but I’ve done everything I can on Google for this to no avail. I’m following this tutorial: on making a 2d side-scroller, but I’m getting some blur on my pixel-art character that I want to eliminate.


Here’s a super-zoomed in image so you can see the rendering I’m talking about.

A few things I’ve tried:

-My camera mode is Orthographic and the width is 384. Play Window is 1152 x 768. 2:3 ratio, should be fine, right? I’ve made it a square 1152 x 1152 as well but I just get the same problem. The tutorial uses 1152 x 648 for some reason, but the problem persists in that resolution as well.
-I set the sprite sheet to “Nearest” texturing. I even recreated the idle animation after doing so (since I’m not sure if that change pushes through to the animations) and no good.
-The Texture Group on the sprite sheet is set to “2D Pixels (unfiltered).”

I’m not sure where else to look. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.