Elements do not get hightlighted or used in persona.

Hello, so basically I have a problem with 2 elements/textures in persona using unreal engine 4. I import the textures from 3ds max into unreal engine 4 as an obj file, including the materials and textures. All the materials import fine, including the ones that are not visible in persona. When I click on the 2 elements, which are the eyeballs, they do not get used or even highlighted in persona, even with the material selected for that element. http://prntscr.com/a1mhg3 as you can see in this screenshot, the 2 materials are selected in persona, but they are not being highlighted or used in the mesh. So my question is, why is this happening and how can I fix this issue? Thank you for your time :smiley:

edit:this is just a test mesh btw, yes I am aware the head is slightly upwards from the face but yea I will fix that once I get the materials to load lol. I also have tried importing the materials separately from the skeleton, mesh, and the physics asset and that didn’t work either.

2nd edit: ok so I just attempted to make a masked material out of the eye element and that also didn’t work. For some reason the 2 elements that are not showing in the asset editor are the same 2 slots that don’t get highlighted in the editor. I am starting to think that perhaps the 2 elements simply are inactive or do not have an ability to show the visual? idk just brainstorming here lol