Electronic Nodes - Wiring style for blueprint and material editors.

@Herobrine20XX It was very scared that my project seems corrupted because I did something wrong. Thanks to the information you provided, my worries were reduced. Thank you.

You my friend are a hero that we don’t deserve :smiley:

Hey, great plugin, love it. I have it installed into the project and recently was making a pass on my code to make sure includes were properly defined and the ElectronicNodes.h file flagged an issue. =)

ElectronicNodes\Public\ElectronicNodes.h(10): error C2504: 'IModuleInterface': base class undefined
ElectronicNodes\Public\ElectronicNodes.h(14): error C3668: 'FElectronicNodesModule::StartupModule': method with override specifier 'override' did not override any base class methods
ElectronicNodes\Public\ElectronicNodes.h(15): error C3668: 'FElectronicNodesModule::ShutdownModule': method with override specifier 'override' did not override any base class methods
ElectronicNodes\Private\ElectronicNodes.cpp(38): error C2440: 'return': cannot convert from 'FElectronicNodesModule *' to 'IModuleInterface *'
ElectronicNodes\Private\ElectronicNodes.cpp(38): note: Types pointed to are unrelated; conversion requires reinterpret_cast, C-style cast or function-style cast

This is simple to fix.
It just needs a:

#include "Modules/ModuleInterface.h"

(Module Manager and Settings and unnecessary btw =))

Most of the time this is not a problem due to pre compiled headers and unity builds so these headers usually end up being included anyway but thought you might want to know.
Again, great addon.

@straypet Hey, thank you very much for the feedback :D! I never saw that error, that might explain why I missed this header…

I’ll fix this on the next update: Missing ModuleInterface header · Issue #25 · TheHerobrine/ElectronicNodes · GitHub

Out of curiosity, how did you get that error to be fired? (So that I can reproduce and check that it’s indeed fixed). Also, what version of the engine are you using?

Compile your project with:

<UEENGINEPATH>/Engine/Build/BatchFiles/Rebuild.bat <ProjectTargetName> Win64 DebugGame -Project='C:\Path\To\file.uproject' -WaitMutex -FromMsBuild -NoPCH -NoSharedPCH -DisableUnity

It’s what you’ll find in your build log right after “Target Build:” but with the

-NoPCH -NoSharedPCH -DisableUnity

flags added.

They remove build optimizations that sometimes end up hiding include errors.

(Running 4.25 btw, using the 4.26 addon version though, copied the files, made a small adjustment to the .Build.cs because of a module being split but other thatn that it-s working great. =)

Can you update to support ControlRig please. Ty

@martoof This wasn’t possible until recently. I decided to use hook functions (a bit of a hack) to make it possible only on Windows.

The next version of Electronic Nodes (3.0) will support ControlRig, Niagara, Behavior Tree, etc…

cf Support for Control Rig · Issue #23 · hugoattal/ElectronicNodes · GitHub

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thank you, you are super responsive !

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I’m wondering, shouldn’t this connections be offseted by the ribbon system in the plugin? Imgur: The magic of the Internet They all just overlap each other even tho I have the ribbon on and value changes do nothing. I possibly just missunderstand the usage of it.

No, because they all end up on the same pin, so there’s no need to offset them. Ribbon only offset wires that do not contain the same data.

Do you think it should also offset it in that case?