Electronic Nodes - Wiring style for blueprint and material editors

Hey everyone!

I’ve been working on a small plugin, Electronic Nodes, that could greatly improve life of those who struggle with spaghettis in their blueprint and material graph.

You have two styles of wiring:

  • The “simple” one with 90° corners
  • The “complex” one with 45° corners

Hope you’ll find it useful!
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Frequently asked questions

Simple circuit example

Simple circuit wire style

Complex circuit example

Complex circuit wire style


The direction arrows are too much for my taste. Other than that (or even so), insta-buy for me.

You can actually disable them, it’s the built-in arrows in “Editor Preferences” / “Content Editors” / “Blueprint Editor” / “Draw midpoint arrows in Blueprints”.
Happy to ear that :smiley: !

I dig this, definitely a purchase for me. Would love to see it working in the material editor as well.

Yes, I should have put some screens of the material editor. But it’s basically the same thing :wink:
Thank you very much !

I have spent the last two days researching how to write a plugin to do this (ever since I saw your Reddit post) because I need better wire lines in my life. So glad this has bee submitted. Buying it as soon as it gets approved. Nice work!

Yes, YES and YASS!

I tend to keep my blueprint code obsessively tidy but the curve algorithm that EPIC use for the connectors does my head in. Thats definate purchase from me.

Are you willing too sell this direct, while we wait on epic games, as really could use this already. so no need to reinvent the wheel.

Thank you all, it’s now available on the marketplace \o/ ! I’m currently adding support for 4.20 and 4.21, you can use the trick above (in the FAQ) to make it work on other versions than 4.22 in the meantime.

Don’t hesitate to give me some feedbacks on how to improve it.

EDIT: 4.20 and 4.21 versions are now in pending status :wink:

Bought it - awesome thing! I tweeted around about it :wink:

Didn’t even know I was missing this in my life! :smiley:
The moment my colleague slacks me this thing, I clicked the buy button based on the preview images itself! Awesome stuff!!

Installed it, love it, can never go back. As a beginner one of the things that annoyed me was how tangly things got, this just makes everything flow sooo nice, now my blueprint looks like an underground tube station and it’s so much easier to review as I’m learning.

Defaintly worth the money, great work!

Great plugin! Quick question, if I use the plugin to arrange my nodes and then disable the plugin, will I keep the wires the same way? Or will they go back to spaghetti?

I also really want to know this. I dont want to risk damaging any of my projects.

They’ll go back to spaghetti. The plugin just modify how the engine render the wires, it does not modify your project!

Short notice: Many people told me that the plugin was way too cheap ($5.99) and I don’t want to miss a chance of financing a bit my game… But I don’t want to be that guy who just higher the price without noticing anyone. So I’ll let it to $5.99 for this week and then rise it up to $7.99-$11.99 (don’t know yet).

EDIT : I got some many people telling me to charge more, I may rise it up a bit quickely ^^’…

Even you say activating the plugin will not magically clean all your stuff for you, it actually did. Great work! I really like it.

Instant buy - after seeing that it affects the material nodes as well. Great work!

Thank you very much :smiley: ! Quick note: the plugin is now compatible with 4.20 and 4.21 :wink: (I’m currently downloading the 4.18 and 4.19 version of the engine to make it compatible with it)

Well, that was quick. I saw your warning today that the price would rise starting next week, but going to the marketplace page, it has already gone up. Oh well. I guess I’ll wait then.