eGPU odd behavior

I have a TitanRTX in a Razor Chroma plugged into my laptop. The monitor is plugged directly into the eGPU and when I watch the GPU activity on the Titan, it bounces between 50-100% utilization. However, in testing some things out the Titan eGPU is almost 10 seconds slower than the laptop GPU which is a 2080 MaxQ. The connection is a thunderbolt 3 connection for the eGPU. For this test, I’m only focused on frames rendered out of the movie queue as that is the main goal of the project I am working on.

Is this generally expected for eGPU’s? If so, I need to push out IT to get us some desktops rather than the laptops. Everything I’ve read about eGPU’s is that they do lose about 20% performance due to all of the bottlenecks, but surely the Titan still should be stronger than the 2080?

Edit: I should also say that I get better viewport FPS with the Titan than I do the 2080, I get almost double the FPS with the Titan. The movie queue is where the difference started to show up.