Effects to the GPU

Is it possible to have the Effects become a GPU operation?

My CPU is terrible and I’m hoping to replace it later this year I have exceeded it to barely %1 for a while now
and the GPU has plenty of power that I know is just sitting there doing nothing.

What do you mean by effects? There’s GPU particles options if that’s what you mean.

Yeah I’m aware of that what I ment is can Effects become GPU operations you know to let the GPU do the work that the CPU simply struggles to do because of too much work.

For Example “Screen Space Reflections”

All rendering operations are on GPU already.

Not all of them. Draw calls are made by the CPU and is a necessary part of the render pipeline. In general the GPU has to be told what to do in order to do it on a frame by frame basis and with that information it can then run a series of shader programs and eventually end up with pixels on the screen.

If you lower the number of draw calls the CPU render thread will have less work to do.

Increasing the complexity of the shader programs (material) will only have an impact on the GPU though.