Effects quality level (4.9)

Hello guys, I wanted to know if there is a way to isolate the level of quality of the effects (sg.effectquality).
I’ll explain, my project has the level of quality of the effects set to 0, and I would need to set it to 2 for only one object (the reflections of the water surface) so as not to burden the entire project.
it’s possible?

Hello GermanoGuidi,

Unfortunately, the effects quality is only for the entire project. However, there are a few things that you could try as alternatives. Each actor has options for changing the Detail Mode and the Material Quality Level, which you can find more information on here: Scalability Reference | Unreal Engine Documentation

Also, have a look at the FeatureLevelSwitch node, which you can find information about here: Utility Expressions | Unreal Engine Documentation

Have a great day,

Sean Flint

oh my god you’ve opened a new world. thanks very much, so I have many more possibilities and variables, thanks again