Effect of RTX (raytracing) on toon/cel shading projects?

Hello gentle people,

Would there be a discernible visual difference in the shading/lighting? Like for example better/richer color blending due to color bounces?

Worth upgrading if toon, stylized shading is only what I care for?


Upgrade what? The engine release? If yes, 1st depends on how you achieved the toon shading. If it is by postprocess, then it is ok upgrade, but if it is by engine source modifications, then that would give some hard work because the rendering module passed by a huge overhaul and the transition then would not be easy… but… you also need to take into account the enormous amount of improvements in several areas and not only raytracing (which you can turn on and off and also use postprocess volume telling which part of the scene they will affect).

Thanks, I should have mentioned, the upgrade I mean is the new RTX cards. Currently, I use PP for toon shading, which has nice results for my purposes.

  • So yeah, is it worth upgrading to RTX (ray-tracing) cards, if you are working with a PP toon look?

  • Do the visuals get that additional “pop” ?

  • Or is it only worth it for strictly ‘photoreal’ look?

There are many comparisons of RTX difference in photoreal scenes but couldn’t find anything with toon/cel shading.


@Tisanim If you have already a GTX 10 series class card (the Pascal ones) you should wait a little bit for the NVidia release on new drivers that will allow these cards to run on DXR and you can confirm if the look worth or not. The performance will not be great for reflections, but enough for shadows which for toon shading is great! NVidia told the driver release will take place in April but didn’t mention exactly the date, so it is a matter of waiting and decide the best card for the job once you can test and be (if) satisfied.

Thanks @NilsonLima . Unfortunately I’m still on 970. I was hoping someone here with RTX and PP toon project would be able to showcase ray-trace difference in their visuals. I’m particularly curious about the color bleeding for richer visuals.