Edward's Journey

Hello all. I’ve attached a few pictures from my 2nd game called Edward’s Journey. It is a top down rpg. I hope to have a new gameplay video soon. Please let me know what you think so far.

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Here’s a picture from a brand new area that I have been working on…

Edward has learned how to fish! Fishing isn’t just for fun, it can also be very beneficial to Edward. Edward can certainly find fish, but he can also fish up valuable items. He can fish up health hearts, magic jewels, regular jewels, and crafting items.

Edward can now also find treasure maps that can lead him in the direction of some fantastic treasures hidden throughout the lands. He first needs to find a map. He’ll then need to find the materials to craft a shovel. Using the clues on the map, he must find the ‘X’ and dig at its center.

Here are some of the creatures Edward will encounter once he ventures out. It’s just a few that I have right now and there will be a lot more.

Updated Screenshots from my ‘Mossy’ area.

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Here is the latest mob I’ve been working on.

Latest Screenshots from various locations in the game. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

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Edward near a hut in the Dark Forest area.