Editor VR Mode broken with 4.25.x (Odyssey+)


I am trying to get the VR Mode/ VR scouting going but I have some trouble with UE 4.25. I can move my head and see the controllers in VR but all the buttons are not mapped. VR scouting has the same thing (following the documentation (…ing/index.html). Here, UE crashes as soon as I press any button on the controller.
In 4.24.x everything is fine and the controllers work. Anyone has an idea what I need to do in 4.25 to make the controller work?

I have loaded the SteamVR plugin. The WMR plugin seems not to work or is just for the HoloLens (didn’t work in 4.24 either)
Head set is an Samsung Odyssey+

So, after some more testing I think I found the issue. At least for the VR Mode. The controller needs to be remapped in steam to work properly.